Floor Trusses

This program provides information on the installation of long span trusses. 

This program provides information on metal plate connected wood truss floor systems and managing vibrations. 

Controlling sound transmission in buildings through wall, floor and ceiling assemblies is important for the comfort level and enjoyment of building occupants as they live, work and play in these buildings. This report aims to explore the methods one can use to reduce sound transmission in assemblies constructed with wood trusses.

This presentation provides information on the use of gypsum wallboard in single membrane floor protection.

The capacity of a ribbon board and its system through the composite of the ribbon board, floor sheathing and bottom plate of the wall has not been ascertained. In order to provide better guidance, a series of tests were conducted in order to determine the capacity of the ribbon board system.

Floor systems are as key to making framing better, faster and more cost effective as wall panels and roof trusses. 

There are circumstances when the deflection requirements for a specific structure that utilizes floor trusses as structural members are questioned. The current residential and commercial building codes provide minimum design requirements for loads and for deflection of structural floor members, which also apply to floor trusses. The building designer may specify more stringent requirements. This research report will focus on manufacturer or trade association deflection requirements for a number of floor topping/covering related products

This presentation provides information on truss submittal packages.

While the perception of floor vibrations is subjective from one person to the next, overall floor systems which exhibit lower deflections and less acceleration from vibration sources tend to be perceived better than other designs. To accomplish this, the designer may elect to do one or a combination of things, covered in this report.

This Research Report aims to enhance fire performance and fire safety characteristics through the application of a gypsum wallboard membrane.