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The National Framers Council is creating a community of like-minded framers, GCs, suppliers and design professionals to foster better communication and collaboration among framers and with design professionals and component manufacturers. Our goal is to develop standards, best practices, and professional support systems to increase knowledge, improve safety, and encourage camaraderie among framers at companies of all sizes.


Cold-Formed Steel Council

SBCA’s Cold-Formed Steel Council (CFSC) protects and educates manufacturers of steel structural building components by providing risk management products, guidance and technical training.

CFSC is made up of steel component manufacturer members of SBCA. Working with all the component manufacturers who make up SBCA allows the industry to have a united front on key issues. Collaborating with fellow manufacturers of steel structural building components allows the CFSC to advance the structural building components industry with a special emphasis on the issues unique to steel components. Starting in 2020, CFSC members do not pay separate membership dues for the council but instead include the sales volume of manufacturing steel components in their SBCA dues calculation.

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Truss Industry Business Council

The Truss Industry Business Council (TIBC) was created to foster collaboration between SBCA and the Truss Plate Institute (TPI) and to evaluate future initiatives and bolster the business operations of component manufacturers (CMs) and TPI members.

Equipment Council

SBCA's Equipment Council was created in 2018 to foster regular communication between component manufacturers (CMs) and vendors. It provides CMs the ability to give feedback on current machinery and identify struggles that could be solved through further equipment innovation. 

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