HR Policies & Templates for Navigating COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, component manufacturers (CMs) have been sharing various best practices they have implemented to assure employees, suppliers, and customers they are operating in accordance with state and local Executive Orders, as well as regulatory and federal law requirements.  Thus far, CMs in California, Minnesota and Florida have shared a number of the documents they generated in response to COVID-19, and SBCA Legal Counsel’s office has reviewed them.  Below are brief descriptions by the CMs on what prompted them to create each of the documents.

SBCA is providing these documents, which can be used as guides and templates, to CM members for free (requires a member login).

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Document Descriptions

  1. COVID-19 Action Plan – When a new circumstance arises, we circle up and formulate a response. Once that response is added to the Action Plan, we redistribute it to our management team and they follow the plan to the letter. We clearly emphasize that no deviation from the written plan is allowed and we act quickly to modify the plan when new issues arise.
  2. COVID-19 Employee FAQ – Our managers were being asked the same questions over and over, so we put together this flyer to distribute to all employees (hard copies) as they left for home so they could share this communication at home with their families. We also sent this to all employees in a mass text/email.
  3. COVID-19 Employment Letter – Many of our employees were asking about concerns of being stopped by authorities on their way to work. We decided it was easiest to address through a letter to ease any concerns. It has worked very well!
  4. COVID-19 Customer Letter – We issued this letter to our customers to ensure there wouldn’t be any rumors or misinformation spread about whether we were staying operational.
  5. COVID-19 Employee Temperature Scan Policy – We decided if it had the potential of saving any infection into our operations it would be worth the effort and we felt it would absolutely make people feel safer. After going through the training process for temperature scans, we have found that this is a very solid system and it seems to provide very valid and accurate temperature checks. We have also found in our directional meetings with the employees they truly appreciated this safety precaution and felt safer because of this action.
  6. COVID-19 Bilingual Employee Health Questionnaire – To alleviate any question as to if an employee is able to return to work after any time off due to any illness, we have implemented this new questionnaire that defines the employees status and allows management to make an informed decision as to the employees ability to return to work. While these types of scans are typically not allowed, we can implement this process under pandemic conditions.
  7. COVID-19 Response Booklet – This comprehensive booklet contains all of the do’s a don’t for employees to follow in order to minimize employee contact and direct interaction during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.
  8. COVID-19 Health Questionnaire – Employees fill out this medical questionnaire at the start of their shifts, which are handed out and collected by the foreman. The foreman checks for any “yes” answers and then hands the questionnaires off to HR. If there are any “yes” answers, management has an immediate conversation with that employee to get a better idea what is going on and if they need to be sent home.
  9. COVID-19 Cleaning Schedule Checklist - Our cleaning regimen takes place at the start of the shift, middle and end of the day for any items that are frequently touched or shared between employees for equipment or gathering locations (bathroom, breakroom, or highly traveled areas). Each of these areas have a bullet point list of identified items which are considered to be highly touched areas which are required to be part of this cleaning. Then the “cleaner” initials the check off sheet in the slot signifying the hour in which cleaning took place. These are collected at the end of two weeks and new ones are distributed.
  10. Cloth Mask Instructions - All employees who wish to wear a mask (these are the cloth ones) are given one. We’re strongly recommending them, but will allow people to work at this time without them on. Our management team agrees that we all have to wear them because we have to have a unified front. If Management believes and supports the CDC, we have a better chance of getting all the other employees to wear them further supporting the cause to slow the spread.