Green Building Codes


I keep reading about “green” building materials. Is SBCA working on a program for fabricators to get green?

“More often than  not, if it’s a flat roof, it has a green roof on it.”

How does a business go from stick building in the 1960s to a growing component manufacturing operation today? 

Parting ShotsHigh school students from the North Orange County Regional Occupational Program (ROP) Building Industry Technology Academy (BITA) worked alongside construction professionals to build this green home in Southern California.

By 2016, one out of every three builders anticipate they will be dedicated to green building work on over 90 percent of residential projects, up from 17 percent in 2011.The increase in “green” home building provides an opportunity for component manufacturers to work with builders to arrive at a win-win scenario. 

What kind of energy bill might an owner receive the first year in a LEED Platinum home? Try a $50 surplus!

Dear SBC,

This recession has lasted so long, we may have forgotten how we used to build houses, and that may be a good thing. Experience could be our worst enemy.