Human Resources

Communication is always key in relationships, on a team, and especially when running a business where both team and relationships are the foundation.

Bridge the Distance: IT Best Practices for Equipping & Supporting Remote Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed many teams to dive headfirst into working remotely whether they were ready or not. However, the last decade has increasingly seen companies and employees drawn to the flexibility remote work can bring to the table. From managing daily communication and collaboration, to ensuring your team members have the hardware, software, speed, and access they need to be productive and efficient, join members of SBCA’s IT Committee as they share their best practices for building successful remote teams.

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Dynamic Capacity Group on ICE Audits – What’s Ahead, What Triggers It & How to Prepare

This webinar will focus on Immigration and Custom Enforcement strategies in the coming months/years along with some tactics they use. We’ll also be covering the different ways an audit can be triggered and end with ways you can be prepared for a potential audit at your facility.

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Best practices for encouraging a strong safety culture.

A 22-year industry veteran explains best practices for developing truss designers