Risk Management

Take an “acquirer’s view” of your company to understand its value

In May, SBCA was contacted by a component manufacturer (CM) member who recently had over $6,000 fraudulently stolen.

The true test of someone’s character, or something’s value, is not when times are going well but when there is a crisis.

Insurance Claim Case Studies: How to Maximize Coverage & Reduce Costs

Real world examples often make the best learning moments. Join Rich Langton from Bowermaster and Associates, an SBCA approved insurance broker, as he uses examples of actual claims to illustrate how having the proper coverage can help your business avoid costly situations. He will also discuss risk management strategies to prevent hazards, provide protection, and reduce costs.

A cybersecurity attack can happen quickly and be devastating

Here’s a game plan for surviving construction defect litigation.

SBCA members are helping fellow CMs evaluate their cybersecurity