Financial Performance

A company is acquired for its earnings, but valued for its EBITDA percentage.

Apply the Billy Beane approach to your manufacturing process

The true test of someone’s character, or something’s value, is not when times are going well but when there is a crisis.

Ever wonder where other CMs buy their lumber?

This month I want to discuss costs in a little more depth.This month I want to discuss costs in a little more depth.

As we start this new year, I want you to consider how much a good idea is worth to you. How much would you pay to purchase a solution that immediately increases your production capacity by five percent or removes a troubling barrier in your market and opens up additional sales opportunities?

The housing industry is clearly firing on all cylinders, even as labor constraints and building material prices are repeatedly brought up as headwinds for the housing market.

When times are good and business is continually flowing in as it is right now, it’s easy to just keep the foot on the gas pedal and deal with what’s right in front of me. However, I make better decisions when I have the ability to look at the bigger picture. If I am only comparing myself to my past performance or my pre-determined expectations, I’m missing a huge opportunity.

Communicating cost increases with our customers