Best Practices for Hand Safety in Component Manufacturing

Tuesday, June 30 2020 1:00pm (America/Chicago)

One of the most important “tools” used in every day component manufacturing is a production worker’s hands. From placing lumber and plates to using hand and power tools, it’s critical to protect your team from injuries to their hands, fingers, palms, and wrists. Unfortunately, hand injuries send more than one million people to the emergency room every year. Furthermore, the results of the 2018 SBCA Safety Survey showed that 75 percent of respondents listed cuts, lacerations, and punctures as the most common types of injuries experienced in their plants. Join members of SBCA’s Safety Committee as they share best practices they are using to manage and mitigate hand injuries. 


Mike Boswell is production manager at Plum Building Systems in Osceola, Iowa.

John Moore is safety and lean coordinator for Franklin Building Supply’s truss facilities in Boise and Jerome, Idaho. 

Bobby Harrison is safety coordinator at True House Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida.