• Hoisting trusses is a more dangerous practice than most people think; both individual trusses and bundles of trusses should not be lifted at the peak.
  • The recommended industry best practices for hoisting truss bundles are a bit different than those for single trusses, but the same basic concepts apply.
  • BCSI and CFSBCSI outline industry best practices for hoisting trusses.


The March 2012 issue of SBC highlighted the benefits of assembling wood roof trusses on the ground. Here, we see an example using cold-formed steel trusses for a Winco Foods Store in Mesa, AZ. Westco Steel Systems designed the store’s roof so the contractor could build each section on the ground and hoist it into place as a fabricated section.

How do you build a house?

Congratulations to Truss Systems Hawaii, Inc. whose photo received the most votes in SBC’s Online Photo Contest. 

  • Sending a Jobsite Package with each truss delivery is a good way to share safe installation and bracing recommendations with framers.
  • In the near future, SBCA is committed using SBCRI testing to optimize BCSI guidelines.
  • We hope to change bracing design by combining temporary and permanent bracing into one step.
  • Information about installation tolerances can be found in the B1 Summary Sheet.