Workforce Development

From BCMC 2012 Educational Session: “Preparing for the Future of Hiring”

  • WorkForce Development will need to be a corporate focus as the economy continues to improve.
  • Showcasing the world of components, its unique characteristics and many career opportunities can be a powerful way to entice fresh faces into our industry.
  • SBCA’s WorkForce Development website,, is a great tool for posting jobs and reviewing resumes, with new site enhancements coming soon.

Spend a few minutes with the thoughts of CMs doing business in markets where business is picking up and make sure your company is ready for recovery when it comes.

  • According to an SBC One Minute Poll, CMs name finding and retaining good employees as one of their top challenges as business picks up.
  • Good workers are all around us and a lot of them are still looking for a job that is worthy of their devotion and work ethic.
  • Implementing recruiting strategies in and around your community can produce some of the best results with great, long-term employees.