Workforce Development

One CM’s decision to reach out to a local community college is a win-win for all involved.

Integra learns the benefit of giving a plant tour to young people.

Building stronger teams may be as simple as some popsicle sticks and a few hours of creative fun.

When you decide the best talent isn’t next door, will you be ready with the tools your employees need to work remotely?

Thirty-five students and nine instructors from Omaha’s Metropolitan Community College (MCC) visited BCMC this year and got a taste of the many opportunities the structural building components industry has to offer.

Erickson team

Erickson staff, including CEO Rich Gallagher (left) and COO Reed Graham (back row, right of center)

PLTW ribbon-cutting

Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve (center), Reno High teacher Karl Kuhles (right) and his students in the STEM-based Project Lead the Way program, cut the ribbon to open the High Desert Truss and Lumber plant. 

I recently had a conversation with John Holland, head of IT for Clearspan Components, and he pointed out that if there’s one thing the component industry has a lot of, it’s problems

One strategy for employee retention might be training your recruiters.

For this general manager, other start-ups were more of a model than other CMs.

The best way to find future designers is to meet them where they are: in school.

“It’s too broad of a statement to say we post job openings on the internet. The type of position we are seeking determines where the ad is placed,” explained John Holland, of Clearspan Components, Inc. “For example, when seeking technical employees, there are all kinds of stratifications.”