Employee Training


  • Applied loading take-offs are critical to truss design efficiencies.
  • Communication between the Truss Designer and Truss Design Engineer is key to minimizing truss design inaccuracies.
  • The SBCA Load Guide is a free tool that can help Building Designers and everyone involved in the truss design process ensure that the applied loads are correct. 

Name: Micah Green
Company: Cascade Mfg. Co., Cascade, IA
Position: Project Manager/Estimator
Years in the industry: 9


  • Safety training should never fall by the wayside, particularly when production picks up.
  • It’s important to make an effort to maintain good housekeeping practices, even when you think you’re too busy to do so.
  • Keeping your safety documentation up-to-date ensures you’re catching even the smallest concerns in your facility, and it helps you safeguard against serious safety issues.

From BCMC 2012 Educational Session: “Preparing for the Future of Hiring”

Spend a few minutes with the thoughts of CMs doing business in markets where business is picking up and make sure your company is ready for recovery when it comes.

  • The beginning of the year is a great time to ensure your forklift drivers are up-to-date on their training.
  • For several years, OSHA has been pursuing more stringent regulations for the collection and disposal of “combustible dust,” including sawdust.
  • Hearing conservation is a very serious concern, and one that can affect the component manufacturing industry.
  • The fact that ten truss technicians may come up with ten completely different designs for the same project is evidence that components are not commodities.
  • It is very important to confirm that the applied loads are the loads that the EOR or building owner has specified.
  • Using unique ways to share design best practices is a great way to develop skills and build strong teams.
  • Every component design department should have a small reference library of important technical documents.
  • It is generally best to make sure your designs conform with the most current versions of the IBC and IRC.
  • However, building code adoption is at the discretion of the authority having jurisdiction.
  • SBCA members can use wfd.sbcindustry.com to post jobs and review résumés—free!
  • Devote 15 minutes every week to look at SBCA’s resources, read Industry News Headlines and catch up on email.