Employee Training

Take an opportunity to share and learn.
  • Effective employee training on jobsite safety requires an approach that combines good information with consistent messages and continuous delivery.
  • The NFC’s Site-Specific Fall Protection Plan is being added to the already robust FrameSAFE program.
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Effective training is the best way employers can “help their employees help themselves” to work safely on the jobsite.
Best practices for training & mentoring your sales team
Best practices for training and mentoring designers.

A look at safe and proper handling and storage

While one of the most critical concerns in a manufacturing facility, machine guarding isn’t as simple or easy as it sounds. 

Good truck drivers make good decisions.

  • SCORE’s focus on best practices and risk management helps protect the component business and saves CMs on precious training resources.  
  • In an effort to make the program and costs more understandable, SCORE certification requirements have been streamlined, while still focusing on industry best practices that matter most to CM customers.
  • The new package pricing gives CMs the opportunity to meet SCORE requirements, at a reduced cost, and begin to reap the benefits from key SBCA programs and products.
  • Before a new truss designer designs their first truss, it’s a good idea to have technicians work as a helper on a truss production team.
  • Understand the personal characteristics, education and knowledge of your plant personnel because often talent is there that is unexplored and unrealized.
  • Training a new designer is an ongoing process that takes time. When you have good designers trained, you will want to do everything you can to keep them employed with you.
  • The focus should be on developing a system each company can continuously evolve in order to avoid becoming stagnant as the market improves. 
  • In order to bring in qualified people, initially, companies need to define, write out and fine-tune a recruitment process.
  • You need to develop a pipeline of candidates and not wait for the need to arise.