Employee Training

  • When it comes to jobsite safety, fragmentation within the construction industry creates obstacles that shouldn’t be there (and don’t have to be).  
  • It’s very difficult for framing companies to develop a consistent culture of safety when the jobsite-specific safety plan changes from jobsite to jobsite.
  • FrameSAFE provides a standardized approach to safety communication and shares universal best practices when it comes to safe behavior and jobsite hazard mitigation.
Safety Communication: Sing the Right Lyrics
Cleaning. It’s not sexy, and when a component manufacturer (CM) is cranking out trusses, it’s difficult to switch focus and make sweeping and picking up scraps a priority. However, a few simple housekeeping steps can help bolster a CM’s bottom line, and that is sexy. This article will look at some of the most common areas of the production facility where cleaning can have a big impact and explore easy steps to make it part of a CM company’s culture.
  • Current and past industry leaders, with the support of SBCA, have invested thousands of hours developing standards, warning documentation, training programs and other tools to help train industry employees.
  • As a salesman or general manager, knowing what to look for on contractual documents is critical even with long-time customers.
  • ANSI/TPI 1 Chapter 2 can provide insight into market expectations, scopes of work, responsibilities and the value of your work.
Providing continual training and professional growth opportunities not only strengthens your workforce, it makes a huge difference in retaining your most valuable asset.

All three of these experts agreed on the bottom line: pull out and dust off all of your owner’s manuals.

In upcoming issues of SBC Magazine, we are going to look at the top ten training needs for component manufacturers, walk through the issues associated with each of those training needs, and provide guidance on industry best practices for offering basic through advanced training.
  • We need to focus on our younger employees now and groom them to become the next generation of leaders in our companies and in our industry.
  • Just like raising kids, building leaders is accomplished through a million small conversations, learning moments, completed tasks and informal evaluations with feedback.
  • There has to be a commitment on your part to ensure the employees you mentor learn everything they can about their jobs and the business.
  • If you frequently or generally need to provide other instruction/training or everyday communication in Spanish, OSHA says you also need to provide your safety training in Spanish.
  • Several of SBCA’s component manufacturing, industry-specific programs are available in English and Spanish.
  • A good place to start a training program is by covering basic truss industry terminology, along with your company’s terminology and approach to serving customers’ technical needs.
  • Example math and complete truss design problems using sample plans are a good way to coach new designers and bring them up to speed with your business practices.
  • Each new hire and, in general, all staff needs to know who is responsible for client communication at each stage of a project.