Workplace Safety

Adding a warm-up or cool down to your routine is a great way to bookend the physical labor of component manufacturing.

Whether increasing fines can force a change in industry safety practices remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure—the cost of failing to comply with OSHA standards is about to rise.  

OSHA isn’t really all that scary; most of it boils down to policies and procedures.

The slow season is a perfect time to get sawdust cleaned up in your plant

  • Effective employee training on jobsite safety requires an approach that combines good information with consistent messages and continuous delivery.
  • The NFC’s Site-Specific Fall Protection Plan is being added to the already robust FrameSAFE program.
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Effective training is the best way employers can “help their employees help themselves” to work safely on the jobsite.

A look at safe and proper handling and storage

While one of the most critical concerns in a manufacturing facility, machine guarding isn’t as simple or easy as it sounds. 

Good truck drivers make good decisions.

  • SCORE’s focus on best practices and risk management helps protect the component business and saves CMs on precious training resources.  
  • In an effort to make the program and costs more understandable, SCORE certification requirements have been streamlined, while still focusing on industry best practices that matter most to CM customers.
  • The new package pricing gives CMs the opportunity to meet SCORE requirements, at a reduced cost, and begin to reap the benefits from key SBCA programs and products.
Safety Communication: Sing the Right Lyrics