Workplace Safety

John Howlin, Truss Plant Manager at BuilderUp, is gearing up for winter in Maryland. Like many component manufacturing operations, John’s production and yard workers are exposed to the elements so they take cold weather safety seriously.

In-Plant Safety

Investing in a standardized, comprehensive safety program minimizes the risks faced by both your employees and your company. SBCA’s customizable template materials, developed specifically for the component industry, can help you implement a consistent, measurable in-plant safety program through education, training and certification.

Making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is simple, right? Totally.

Since I’ve become involved in SBCA, I have found one of the most valuable aspects to be all of the opportunities to learn from fellow component manufacturers and suppliers.

Investment in simple PPE can save a lot

Everyone learns a little differently, so mix up your training. 

A high-quality component is the result of many individuals’ expertise – including the person standing at the saw.

From increasing security to improving the quality of temporary workers, the cameras Woodhaven installed six years ago have provided a significant return on investment.

This is the second time in a decade Trussway employees have saved a life on the job.