Fire Codes

Building Designers need to account for the dead and live loads of fire sprinkler systems, in addition to the other load requirements imposed under the model building codes. Truss Designers are responsible for incorporating the additional load from the fire sprinkler systems into the truss design. The information in this Research Report is applicable to both floor and roof systems. Only vertical loads from fire sprinkler systems are discussed; lateral loads, where required, should be evaluated separately by a Registered Design Professional. 

  • Component manufacturers have to be proactive locally in pursuing those outside the industry, including building officials, members of the fire service, specifiers, framers and lawmakers.
  • It’s not hard to put a value on having eyes and ears like theirs in the market, when they are willing to look out for your business while they’re doing their jobs.
  • The more smoothly the installation of CM products goes, the less issues we have to confront in the field and the less we have to overcome challenging building code provisions, the more builders will want to buy and install our products.


Here’s a quick history lesson. In reviewing public documents surrounding the 2010 Final Action Hearing of the ICC with regard to proposals RB31-9/10 and RB87-9/10, one would gather the following information: