Fire Codes


In RC 2601, is RC-1 Channel used?


I have been hired by an insurance company to determine the extent of damage to roof trusses exposed to fire. How much fire damage compromises the structural integrity of the truss?


We recently received bids on a school project, which referenced UL P523. This assembly used light-gauge steel trusses. We noted on the drawing that we could accept an alternate design using wood trusses in lieu of light-gauge steel framing, if the alternate design could meet the fire ratings.

This presentation provides information and analysis of fire retardant-treated wood and metal plate connected wood truss designs.

This Research Report aims to enhance fire performance and fire safety characteristics through the application of a gypsum wallboard membrane.

A CM in Pennsylvania is taking a proactive approach to dealing with exception four of IRC provision R501.3.

Fire endurance ratings may be mandated by code for many assemblies in both floor and roof framing systems. This Research Report discusses methodologies to calculate 2-hour fire endurances of a given assembly.

This presentation provides information on and requirements for sprinkler loads on metal plate connected wood trusses.

The goal of this Research Report is to assist in designing safe buildings economically, especially when sprinkler systems are required or desired in the design.

A fire endurance rating may be mandated by code for many of the applications where trusses could be used in floor/ceiling, roof/ceiling or in attic separation applications. This Research Report discusses 5 different methods for determining fire resistance.