Business Logistics

In stand-up comedy, timing is everything. Bringing an issue before Congress works much the same way. If you present your stance on an issue too early, lawmakers and their legislative assistants will look at you with confusion evident on their faces. If you present your views on an issue after they’ve already addressed it, you fail to engage them in a meaningful conversation. However, if you present a problem just as they are beginning to hear it from other sources as well, you can hook them just the way a good one-liner can.

  • Lack of available credit for building projects is a major barrier to the homebuilding industry’s recovery.
  • Congress is considering a measure to address this barrier in the Home Construction Lending Regulatory Improvement Act of 2011 (H.R. 1755).
  • SBCA Legislative Conference attendees had the good fortune of being on Capitol Hill the same day the bill was being introduced.
  • Joe Hikel’s main focus for this year was to establish better connections with the supply chain. The foundation has been set.

  • Collaborative work on the lumber design value issue and forging relationships at all levels of the supply chain goes a long way toward helping the industry survive today and thrive in the future.

  • Hikel’s personal return on investment on time working within SBCA has been invaluable, both in business opportunities and the personal reward from the relationships formed. 

  • The biggest obstacle in selling panels has always been getting builders framers to recognize the value.
  • Different market segments require unique skill sets just like different products do.
  • Given the ultra-competitive market, strategic planning is critical for component manufacturers in 2011.