Structural Testing


We have a local builder wishing to use floor trusses with a 2-hour assembly. I have shown him the 2-hour design on pages 17-27 of the second edition of SBCA’s Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Handbook. Is this assembly UL approved? If so, what is the design number?


I am trying to develop a guideline for my firefighters regarding initial fire attack in buildings with light-weight trusses. My concern is truss failure, especially when exposed to fire. Is there any information on failure time related to flame impingement? Any information about truss failure – especially in a fire condition would be helpful.


What type of construction uses a fire cut truss? Could you describe a fire cut truss?

Using components to solve old challenges in new ways means time and cost savings for builders and framers—and an expanding business base for component manufacturers.

A decade after it began operation, SBCRI is making a new push for industry-directed testing to benefit all component manufacturers.

  • A series of test concepts have been suggested. SBCA needs your input on these concepts to ensure the industry testing conducted in SBCRI helps improve market opportunities for CMs.
  • The goal of industry testing in SBCRI is to tackle the daily design and framing challenges CMs see, and find solutions that make components even more reliable and cost effective.
  • SBCRI was developed and built specifically for this purpose.

SBCRI Testing & SBCA Research Reports can transform your market.

Gypsum wallboard provides an excellent example as to
why accurate design values are so vital to structural design.

Introduction: Why the Interior Finish Installation Is Important

Knowledge is power when it comes to making decisions, so the more knowledge the better. SBCRI unequivocally gives us access to knowledge no one else has.
More on why Seismic Design Coefficients (i.e., factors) are important to engineering innovation