If the truss design drawing specifies using 2x4 1650F SPF, can 2x4 No. 2 southern pine be used instead? What are some things that need to be checked?


IBC 2012/2015 2303.4.6 and IBC 2012/2015 2303.4.7 state: 
2303.4.6 TPI 1 specifications. In addition to Sections 2303.4.1 through 2303.4.5, the design, manufacture and quality assurance of metal-plate-connected wood trusses shall be in accordance with TPI 1. Job-site inspections shall be in compliance with Section 110.4, as applicable.

Eras of Innovation

As the industry heads into 2017 focused on solving workforce issues with greater manufacturing efficiency, it’s instructive to look back at the August 2006 issue of SBC Magazine, which featured an interview with Gene Woloveke, the inventive force behind the Idaco Machine & Equipment Company.

DIY safety messages have Plum’s production crew looking out for each other—and each other’s artwork.

Safety is often about statistics, inspections, reporting, paperwork…you get the picture. But Plum Building Systems in Osceola, Iowa has found a fun way to engage employees in the safety program: do-it-yourself safety posters.

Mike Boswell—production manager of Plum Building Systems—and Chris Lambert—a general manager with Builders FirstSource—both understand how critical it is to cultivate a safety culture that empowers their employees. One way they accomplish this goal is by proactively measuring the success of their safety programs with the often underutilized practice of near-miss reporting.  

Greg Griggs—southeast VP of component operations with Builders FirstSource—and BJ Louws—president of Louws Truss—both see untapped potential for productivity gains in inefficient plants. They introduced BCMC attendees to a few basic concepts of lean manufacturing: Kanban, Kaizen, 5 S and waste walks. They also made sure attendees left with a very clear picture of the value of good instructions and of the wasted effort in an inefficient workflow.

Can designing with lateral resistance in mind improve production QC?

To save you time and money, SBCA’s Wood Truss QC Program staff are going from on-site to on-call.

A little up-front effort can have significant downstream effects.

A lot of engineering goes into the design of metal plate connected wood trusses, including the connector plates themselves.