You don’t want a Swiss Army knife when a good sharp blade is all you need, and vice versa. 

All three of these experts agreed on the bottom line: pull out and dust off all of your owner’s manuals.

From BCMC 2012 Educational Session: “Metrics for Managers”

  • Examine each operational area for changes that could help improve overall economics.
  • Make sure the design department is up to date on price changes of stock lengths of lumber, especially changes due to design value adjustments.
  • Factor customer needs into optimization, along with producing a more efficient truss using less material and plant labor.

BCMC Sessions Focus on Doing Business Smarter

  • Determining production cycle time, the amount of time required to process an order from start to finish, is key to meeting customer needs.
  • The old paradigm suggested that similar jobs be manufactured at the same time; the new paradigm focuses on meeting customer needs with a “just in time” mentality as efficiently as possible.
  • Is an urgent request viewed as a pain-in-the-neck rush job or an opportunity to exceed expectations and have a customer for life?