Non-Residential Codes (IBC)

This presentation provides information on sealed truss placement diagrams in relation to the International Residential Code.

This presentation provides information on sealed Truss Placement Diagrams for the state of Texas.

Explore the two different methods used to calculate a wall panel’s capacity to resist applied lateral loads.

SBCRI Testing & SBCA Research Reports can transform your market.

Gypsum wallboard provides an excellent example as to
why accurate design values are so vital to structural design.

Introduction: Why the Interior Finish Installation Is Important

More on why Seismic Design Coefficients (i.e., factors) are important to engineering innovation

Affecting more than 20 states, the scope of Hurricane Sandy, and the rebuilding efforts underway and yet to come, are difficult to imagine.

From BCMC 2012 Educational Session: “Changing Codes & Planning Ahead”

When it comes to code compliance for your new product, consider a road less traveled that can be much quicker and more robust than the traditional path.

  • The Occupancy Category designates the nature of occupancy for a building, which affects the required design loads for the structure.
  • There is a direct relationship between the Occupancy Category and the Importance Factor—a low category will result in lower loads and a high category will call for an increase in loads