Knowledge is power when it comes to making decisions, so the more knowledge the better. SBCRI unequivocally gives us access to knowledge no one else has.
More on why Seismic Design Coefficients (i.e., factors) are important to engineering innovation
Why Seismic Design Coefficients (i.e., factors) are important to engineering innovation
  • By approaching engineering and testing through the eyes of framers, NFC can make the framing process more reliable and cost effective.
  • SBCRI is fully capable of testing any type of full-scale assembly, which can provide framing contractors great insight into the performance of the products they use on a daily basis.
  • Testing raw materials, products and structural systems will ensure that framers understand real performance and derive maximum value from the product or engineered solution.
Involvement in the initial design and engineering phase of each project helps UTS set itself apart as a true partner instead of just another supplier.
  • Use of galvanized box nails may result in shear walls with a shear capacity significantly below the nominal unit shear capacities given in SDPWS.
  • Thus, the majority of WSP shear walls have a shear capacity with a high degree of design value variability. This may have unintended consequences that are unknown and unappreciated by the professional engineering and/or building design community.
  • Once SBCA and SBCRI were certain their testing and engineering analysis was consistent and repeatable, they were persistent in bringing all WSP shear wall performance issues to the attention of APA, AWC, ICC-ES and ICC.  
  • The truss industry’s innovative products and software form the link between new science-based discoveries and their application.
  • The mission of any professional engineering endeavor is to deploy innovative materials, designs or methods of construction that meet or exceed all regulations, protect the consumer and preserve free and unfettered competition as the rule of trade.
  • Innovation brings change that builds vigor and excitement in an organization or industry.
  • We should challenge ourselves to look for ways to innovate and foster the discomfort of change.
  • I am a proud supporter of the innovation revolution taking place within the SBC industry, and I invite you to join me as an advocate for change.

I had an interesting conversation recently with an engineer that I have known for at least 15 years.

  • The entrepreneurs who started this industry faced a big challenge getting trusses accepted in the market; we should be glad they didn’t give up.
  • Even today, there is resistance in the construction industry to innovation.
  • SBC and SBCRI foster innovation by  thinking through how a building reacts to loads and then employing engineering fundamentals and common sense.