National Framers Council

  • When it comes to jobsite safety, fragmentation within the construction industry creates obstacles that shouldn’t be there (and don’t have to be).  
  • It’s very difficult for framing companies to develop a consistent culture of safety when the jobsite-specific safety plan changes from jobsite to jobsite.
  • FrameSAFE provides a standardized approach to safety communication and shares universal best practices when it comes to safe behavior and jobsite hazard mitigation.
  • The whole premise of NFC is to help the framing industry grow and develop through best practice-based standards.
  • Having a more standardized approach to framing will make the whole building construction process easier.
  • I believe every component manufacturer should get involved in NFC, become a member of this fledgling organization, and help support its mission and objectives.
  • By approaching engineering and testing through the eyes of framers, NFC can make the framing process more reliable and cost effective.
  • SBCRI is fully capable of testing any type of full-scale assembly, which can provide framing contractors great insight into the performance of the products they use on a daily basis.
  • Testing raw materials, products and structural systems will ensure that framers understand real performance and derive maximum value from the product or engineered solution.
  • Successfully constructing a building today takes effective communication and collaboration between building architects, structural designers, component manufacturers and framing labor contractors.
  • NFC’s first focus is to develop a national safety program for framing contractors.
  • NFC also plans to develop a scope of work document outlining standard responsibilities for framers and subcontractors.

By creating national standards, based on field-tested best practices, the National Framers Council (NFC) will not only help improve the safety of each worker on the jobsite, it will aid in reducing ambiguity in everything from OSHA jobsite inspections to residential fall protection. 

  • The National Framers Council (NFC) was formed as a council of SBCA to give framers a national organization that will focus on best practices in jobsite safety and building material installation.
  • NFC’s goal is for each framer to leave the jobsite every day in the same health as when they arrived.
  • The more framers and CMs interact, the more we will be able to identify framing and component implementation issues in the field and find solutions where both industries win.