National Framers Council

OSHA’s new crystalline silica standard, which went into effect on September 23, has raised many questions for framers. 


We are concerned with SBCA’s BCSI-B1 Summary Sheet which under “Notes” makes a disclaimer. Our concern is if there would be an accident with our trusses and we point out that the bracing was not placed correctly according to SBCA documentation, which is sent with every job. If the accident goes to court, how will our attorney respond when the opposing attorney points out the disclaimer, which infers that the bracing we recommend must be flawed, otherwise it would not be disclaimed?

"Work safely. Go home Safely." An expanded version of NFC’s FrameSAFE Safety Manual template was rolled out  this spring and is taking hold in the marketplace.

The NFC Wisconsin Regional Meeting, combined with a tour of the SBC Research Institute (SBCRI), will be held in Madison on August 30 at 12 pm. 

As we approach the “dog days of summer,” preventing heat illnesses on the jobsite is an increasingly important training topic to cover with your employees. 

Forecasters are calling for above-average temperatures across much of the country this summer. Are you prepared to beat the heat?

  • CMs engaged in NFC membership de-velopment efforts will find their work rewarded with better organized, safer, more effective and more reliable framing crews.
  • Framers engaged in NFC will learn component installation best practices from other framers, with the goal of creating more efficient, safe and profitable framing outcomes.
  • By actively growing awareness of and membership in NFC, CMs will expand their framing community connections and naturally expand market share and revenue growth. 
  • Effective employee training on jobsite safety requires an approach that combines good information with consistent messages and continuous delivery.
  • The NFC’s Site-Specific Fall Protection Plan is being added to the already robust FrameSAFE program.
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Effective training is the best way employers can “help their employees help themselves” to work safely on the jobsite.
  • There are many published installation guides available for product-specific applications, but few account for framing tolerances when dissimilar materials are integrated into the overall building and the expectations for overall performance.
  • NFC’s Standards Development Sub-committee will begin outlining framing practices performed everyday where tolerances and known good performance have not been detailed in depth.
  • The subcommittee will take a “through the eyes of a framer” point of view and provide step-by-step implementation guidelines and options.
  • You must have continuous training in order to have a training system work.
  • In addition to FrameSAFE and Toolbox Talks, NFC will release FrameSAFE Safety Posters in early 2015.
  • FrameSAFE is more than just a safety manual; we’ve created it to be a training tool that workers and employers can use to find everything they need in one product.