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2018 SBCA Hall of Fame Award

Each year, SBCA inducts an individual into its Hall of Fame who has contributed significantly to the advancement of both SBCA and the structural building components industry. This award recognizes their active participation in the growth and success of SBCA initiatives that serve the industry’s best interests.

It is reasonable for component manufacturers (CMs) to expect to get paid for the hard work they do and the quality structural components they produce.

Structural building components are not a commodity and should not be sold like one. 

Looking out over the next three years of housing starts, John Burns Real Estate Consulting (JBREC) is predicting a slight decline in housing starts from the recent 1.25 million average, with a rebound in starts post 2021. 

If you attended BCMC in Milwaukee this year you know you were part of something special. From the buzz on the show floor to the wide assortment of educational sessions to the many fun activities that went on throughout the week, there was an opportunity for every person to learn something new and forge a new relationship.

Since I’ve become involved in SBCA, I have found one of the most valuable aspects to be all of the opportunities to learn from fellow component manufacturers and suppliers.

Builders Warehouse Manufacturing • Aurora, Colorado

November is the best month to start building relationships with new lawmakers

Challenging or unusual projects typically stretch a component manufacturer’s (CM’s) operational capabilities in some fashion.