Information Technology


A cybersecurity breach can happen to anyone, anywhere. It’s become an all too common occurrence. Computer hackers do not target only large, Fortune 500 companies. In fact, criminals have begun to target small businesses, specifically because they rarely have the resources to fully protect themselves.

Jeff Smith, Trussway’s CEO and president, shares that “it’s crucial to keep your website updated as the ways people want to see things online has changed and current trends and styles of websites have as well.”

Although the majority of component manufacturers (CMs) have a website according to our website poll, the question remains: Is your website up-to-date and attractive enough to be effective? We all know there are countless reasons to have a website but just having a website, especially an outdated one, is no longer enough in this day and age to be effective and could in fact detract from your business. To this point, a website redesign could help tap into new business opportunities and be a huge return on investment for your company. 

Increasingly, today’s consumers and prospective employees are starting with the internet to learn about a company. What they find on the web generally leaves a significant first impression. Given this, there is a multitude of valuable reasons to have an attractive web presence.

One of the most valuable reasons to attend SBCA meetings are the unexpected things you learn. At the most recent Board meeting in San Diego, it was mentioned during the IT Committee report that they were discussing ways to educate component manufacturers (CMs) on the risks and impacts of ransomware attacks.

There was quite a buzz on the BCMC show floor this year concerning production automation. 

If you use email, you want to prevent spoofing.

Best Practices for Going Remote

Considering hiring a remote designer for your company? Two industry professionals weigh in on effective strategies for developing and managing a remote position, the challenges and benefits that come with it, and best practices for streamlining the process. Whether this is a step you’ve been considering for some time or is a new idea for your hiring playbook, this webinar will get you headed in the right direction. Then the conversation will continue at BCMC as these presenters dive into the logistics and technology needed to effectively onboard and maintain a remote designer. 

Imagine purchasing a new piece of equipment and then finding out once it’s installed you can’t make it work the way it was intended because it doesn’t understand what your software is telling it.

Many of the problems we face each day can be traced back to poor communication.