Sprinkler Loading


Does the NFPA sprinkler standard address sprinkler loading? If so, how and where do I buy it? What other information do you have on sprinkler loading? How do other truss companies price jobs for sprinkler loading the plans do not include a sprinkler layout or even say what size/type of sprinkler system will be used?


The National Fire Protection Association’s standards provide everything you need to know to design a sprinkler system. Unless you intend to do the sprinkler design for the building, this will not help you with the specific loads that should be applied to the truss designs.

Regarding your question on bidding trusses with sprinklers, ask the customer how they want the bid done since it does not include the specific sprinkler plan. Let them know that these loads can change the design of the trusses significantly depending on where the concentrated loads are placed. If this is not done, it becomes a complete guess and that can only lead to trouble.

For additional information on this subject, see SBCA Research Report 1504-02: Sprinkler Loads on Trusses.

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