Industry Standard Responsibilities


What is the industry standard for ordering residential roof truss systems: Should the general contractor/builder field measure before ordering trusses or should he rely on the blueprint? Who is responsible for their accuracy – the plan service, the truss manufacturer, the builder/general contractor or the framing contractor?


The builder or general contractor is responsible for giving the truss manufacturer the right information. Truss manufacturers can only work from what is given to them by builders. If the initial measurements were wrong, the truss manufacturer cannot be blamed. It is important that you, as the builder or general contractor, provide accurate information to the truss manufacturer. You can request shop drawings from the truss manufacturer before the trusses are built to insure that they are accurate and will fit the given job. The SBCA Engineering Review Committee, in cooperation with the Truss Plate Institute, developed an industry standard outlining the responsibilities in the design process. SBCA’s TTB – Standard Responsibilities in the Design and Application of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses outlines the owner, building designer, contractor, truss manufacturer, truss designer and others’ responsibilities.

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