Gypsum Board

A variety of issues can lead to separation of drywall joints in walls and ceilings. Both environmental factors as well as installation and design factors can contribute to situations where gypsum may develop cracks. The issue has become more widespread as homeowners insist on larger rooms and open floor plans that have large clear span areas. By understanding how and why partition separation or ridging and cracking occur, and by following best practices, designers and builders can reduce the risk of unsightly and costly issues with gypsum board and drywall. 

Top Resources

This Truss Technology in Building publication addresses how to minimize callbacks due to gypsum cracking at the wall/ceiling interface. 

This informative webinar from Jim Vogt, PE explains the causes of gypsum cracking issues as well as partition separation issues, and goes through design examples and solutions. 

Best Practices

This step by step design guide addresses common sources of gypsum ridging and cracking, as well as design solutions and resources. 

This Research Report evaluates local environment changes that play a significant role in every gypsum ridging and cracking case.

This presentation gives an overview of the environmental and design factors that contribute to gypsum ridging and cracking in ceilings and walls of homes. Available in PPT and PDF format.