Fire Performance - Sprinklers

SBCA supports universal building installation of sprinklers for all types of construction, provided they are cost effective and do not create a competitive advantage for one structural element over another. When it comes to properly locating and designing sprinklers within a building, the IBC and IRC reference NFPA 13, 13D, and 13R (depending on the type of building). The resources below will assist the designer in understanding and implementing sprinkler systems in accordance with applicable building codes and referenced fire protection standards. 

Top Resources

This Truss Technology in Building publication assists in designing safe buildings economically, especially when sprinkler systems are required or desired in the design.

Best Practices

This Research Report and the accompanying educational presentation include general guidance on applying the NFPA standards (13, 13D, and 13R) related to sprinkler systems. 

This article explains the reasoning behind the areas where sprinklers may be omitted in NFPA 13, 13D, and 13R – whether due to impractical building geometry or because the potential for ignition and fire development is negligible.