Connections - Field Splices

Field splicing is a method used to connect two or more truss sections into a single component. There are many reasons why field splicing may be used. A component may be too large or deep to manufacture, fit on a truck, or handle. A design modification or retrofit may necessitate a field splice, whether due to a change in truss profile or loading. Whatever the reason, field splices are another way to allow for greater flexibility in truss manufacturing, shipping and installation. 

Top Resources

This article covers the reasons why one might want to use a field splice, common materials used for field splices, as well as design and jobsite errors to watch out for with field splices. 

TPI 1-2014 Section (k) requires that truss-to-truss and field assembly requirements be listed on the Truss Design Drawing. This article explains the responsibilities of all parties (building designer, truss designer, and contractor) with respect to these requirements.

Best Practices

This eight-page document summarizes section B2 of the BCSI book, including information on field splices.