Use Of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses In IBC Jurisdictions


IBC 2012/2015 2303.4.6 and IBC 2012/2015 2303.4.7 state: 
2303.4.6 TPI 1 specifications. In addition to Sections 2303.4.1 through 2303.4.5, the design, manufacture and quality assurance of metal-plate-connected wood trusses shall be in accordance with TPI 1. Job-site inspections shall be in compliance with Section 110.4, as applicable.

2303.4.7 Truss quality assurance. Trusses not part of a manufacturing process in accordance with either Section 2303.4.6 or a referenced standard, which provides requirements for quality control done under the supervision of a third-party quality control agency, shall be manufactured in compliance with Sections 1704.2.5 and 1705.5, as applicable.

Does this clause make it mandatory to be in a quality control program and have an “approved” inspection agency to provide trusses to jurisdictions that have adopted this code? What defines an approved inspection agency?


Yes. Truss manufacturers are required to employ third-party inspection, as required by the Truss Plate Institute's ANSI/TPI 1 and IBC 2012/2015 2303.4.7. The model code-accepted inspection agencies are listed by the National Accreditation Service. The primary agencies in the truss industry include the Truss Plate Institute, the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau and Timber Products Inspection. For a detailed discussion of inspection requirements, see SBCA Research Report 1502-02: International Building Code/International Residential Code Inspection & Quality Assurance Requirements for Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses.

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