Ubc Truss Marking Provision


I stamp the bottom chord of my trusses with my company name and the name of my third-party inspector. Recently, my local building inspector requested another stamp with the on-center spacing, the total design load and the load duration factor. I have never heard of this before and I was wondering if you had any further information on this requirement.


The requirement about on-center spacing and total design load was provision 2321.4 in the 1997 Uniform Building Code.

The rationale behind this provision was that the marking helps in truss installation inspection. The fact is it can be very time consuming for manufacturers to add this information to every truss, especially if loading and spacing conditions change throughout the roof. Another argument against this regulation is that this is insufficient information on which to base an inspection. If the inspector was interested in having all this information available for inspection, then he/she simply needs to refer to the truss design drawings. This provision was not included in the International Building Code or the International Residential Code. As far as SBCA is aware, no jurisdiction still uses the 1997 UBC.

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