Information On Floor Trusses


I am researching building products for a new home and I wanted to use metal plate connected floor trusses. When I took my plans to the builder, they cautioned me against using these floor trusses. They stated that they were not engineered products, they do not carry any kind of warranty, and they do not know how long they last over time. My basement span is 30 ft., they said trusses could not span 30 ft. I really would like to use floor trusses, but now I am unsure. Could you offer any information?


Metal plate connected wood floor trusses ARE engineered products, have been around for over 45 years, use proven design and testing methods and can certainly span 30 ft.

Introduced by TrusWal Systems Corp. in 1970, engineered parallel chord floor and roof trusses are manufactured throughout the United States. They offer strength and rigidity over long spans. Like pitched chord trusses, they offer design flexibility. With the use of parallel chord trusses, room size is not limited to wood joist spans. The open web member system permits plumbing, duct work and wiring to run inside the trusses. For the designer, parallel chord trusses provide long, stiff, clear spans in floors and ceilings, engineered to an optimum depth for the project.

For more information, see SBCA’s Floor Truss Fact Sheet. Then, check out our Members Section for truss manufacturer listings – one of our members would be more than willing to assist you with your floor truss design.

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