Industry Standards


I am currently putting together a set of truss specifications for a set of structural plans. I am interested to know of the most current publication that may specify industry standards in truss components (i.e. metal connector plates, wood quality and connection quality). Do you have any suggestions?


The current design and construction standard for metal plate connected wood trusses is the Truss Plate Institute's ANSI/TPI 1. This standard provides information on design responsibilities, loading, manufacturing quality, truss installation and bracing, design and materials (both lumber and plates). ANSI/TPI 1 has been adopted by reference in the latest editions of the IBC and IRC. What might be of more interest to you, though, is this truss specifications document, an excerpt of SBCA’s Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Handbook, which refers to ANSI/TPI 1 and The American Wood Council’s National Design Specification for Wood Construction (NDS).

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