Heavy Timber Connectors


I am currently undertaking a project dealing with techniques and methods of joining structural timber members. Do you have any available information on timber connections like split rings and design software?


SBCA is a trade organization that represents manufacturers of components, and we do not deal with heavy timber members and their connections. However, we can suggest a couple of good places to look for this information:

The American Institute for Timber Construction (AITC) has technical information and design standards.

The American Wood Council’s National Design Specification for Wood Construction (NDS) has wood design and metal connector design criteria.

The Canadian Wood Council also has technical information and publications.

Cleveland Steel Specialty, one manufacturer of split ring connectors in the United States, should be able to provide you with some standard connections. There are certainly other split-ring connector manufacturers as well. For an extensive list of books, articles and other resources, see the Timber Frame Engineering Council’s Engineer’s Resource List.

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