Floor Vibration


We have designed a custom home that needs a good solid floor, with low vibration perceptibility. The system we have specified consists of 2 in. of gypcrete over 1 and 1/8 in. thick plywood or OSB. The floor trusses are 20 in. deep at 16 in. O.C., spanning 31 ft. 6 in. The preliminary truss design shows a double top and bottom chord with a total load deflection of 1.30 in. (l/290) and a live load deflection of 0.65 in. (l/581). The basement ceiling will be 1/2 in. gypboard nailed to the bottom of the trusses. We are looking for a way to analyze the system to determine the vibration characteristics. We are familiar with analysis methods for steel joists and beam systems. Are there any programs for wood truss floor systems?


We recommend you start with two articles: “Design to Minimize Annoying Wood-Floor Vibrations” and “Controlling Floor Vibration.”

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