Finger Jointed Lumber


I market 2x4 and 2x6 structural finger-jointed lumber. As of now, we have strictly sold it as a #2 product. However, we ran some through a bender at a sawmill to test the modulus of elasticity and it looks promising. The equipment showed no recognition of the joint; it acted like regular lumber. We would like to go forward with this venture in the hopes of offering an alternative MSR to solid lumber that may also be more cost effective. What do you need to have from us to get your approval?


Lumber used in trusses must be of the minimum grade, size, moisture content and species combination specified by the truss design. As such this material must meet the requirements of the lumber grading agency for each particular grade. These requirements would also apply to finger-jointed lumber. Material that is certified as “stud-use only” or “vertical use only” should not be used as a truss member.

Section 3.4.6 of the Truss Plate Institute's ANSI/TPI 1 addresses the use of finger-jointed lumber in trusses. We suggest you contact the lumber grading agency that has jurisdiction in your area and work with them in becoming a certified producer.

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