Drilled Hole In Truss


I need to know how to repair a hole that has been drilled through a truss. In installing the wiring we improperly put the wires through the truss and now need to know the proper way to repair it.


Contact the truss manufacturer if you are concerned about the serviceability of your truss. The manufacturer will be better suited to discuss whether or not a repair is necessary, because they know the loads for which the truss was designed. The truss chord with the drilled holes may have been designed near capacity and any reductions from drilled holes could affect the structural performance of the truss. When you notify the truss manufacturer, they in turn will notify their engineer who will prepare the repair drawings if necessary. Repairs should not be attempted without proper repair detail drawings.

The IBC and IRC both include specific requirements prohibiting unapproved alterations to trusses (IRC R502.11.3, IRC R802.10.4 and IBC 2303.4.5).

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