Determining Truss Manufacturer From Stamps On Lumber


I'm trying to find out who the truss manufacturer was that built the trusses in my home. I was told that there is usually a stamp on the side of the bottom chord. All I found was “2400F 2.0E.” What am I looking for? The other chords only have material stamps. Can you tell me what kind of information I should be looking for to find out who the manufacturer was?


In most states, trusses must have the manufacturer’s name and city on each truss. “2400F 2.0E” is the grade stamp indicating the lumber grade.

If you cannot find a manufacturer’s stamp, contact your local building department; they might have engineering sheets and a truss placement plan that would show who built your trusses. They should know who the builder was, and the builder should know who the truss manufacturer was. Then you could contact the truss manufacturer (see our Members Section for truss manufacturer listings).

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