Designing Trusses


I'm looking for a book that will provide formulas and design criteria for trusses. Can you give me any suggestions of where to find a book or fairly inexpensive software?


SBCA is a trade association of metal plate connected wood truss manufacturers. The design criteria for metal plate connected wood trusses is given in the Truss Plate Institute's ANSI/TPI 1. Truss design software, on the other hand, is a different matter. Metal plate manufacturers only provide their proprietary software to contracted truss manufacturers; there is no generic truss design program.

If you are more interested in design criteria for custom-engineered or site-built timber trusses, then we recommend the following:

  • Design of Building Trusses by James Ambrose, 1994, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • Timber Construction for Architects and Builders by Eliot W. Goldstein, 1999, McGraw-Hill.

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