Comparison Of Stick And Component Framing


Does SBCA produce any products detailing how to market and sell roof and floor trusses to builders for whom stick framing has been the standard way of building? Products that detail the cost savings when compared to traditional stick framing?


SBCA sponsored a demonstration project called Framing the American Dream at the 1996 NAHB Homebuilders Show. This project consisted of two identical 2,600 sq. ft. houses built side by side: one was completely stick built and the other was component built with floor trusses, roof trusses and wall panels. What We Learned by Framing the American Dream outlines the time and cost savings on the component built house. In October 2014, SBCA used the annual build project associated with its BCMC trade show to recreate the Framing the American Dream project. We’re still working on processing the data we collected and developing new marketing materials, but those will be available on our website soon.

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