Building A Garage With A Bedroom And Bathroom


We are building a garage with a bedroom and bathroom and trying to find out what type of floor joists and roof trusses to use. The garage will be a 26 ft. by 32 ft. with a 26 ft. by 32 ft. room upstairs. But we don't want to have posts in the middle of the garage to help support the weight of the second floor.


SBCA is a trade association that represents truss manufacturers all over the country. As such, we don’t actually perform building design and can’t give a definitive answer to your question. Check out our Members Section for truss manufacturer listings – one of our members would be more than willing to assist you with your truss design.

One thing you’ll want to clarify with the truss manufacturer you work with: Is this going to be normal two-story construction with floor and roof trusses? If so, the truss manufacturer will certainly be able to accommodate the dimensions you are seeking. Another option might be a room-in-attic truss, in which the upstairs room is smaller than the downstairs room. In either case, the truss manufacturer will be able to prepare a preliminary design to give you an idea of room size and cost.

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