Promoting Roof Trusses to Builders & GCs

Target Audience: 

If you are interested in promoting your roof truss packages to builders and general contractors (GCs) who still rely on their framing crews to stick-frame a raftered roof, here are some tools you can use to begin that discussion.

First, review the video, “Roof Truss Data for Builders.” This video gives a quick summary of the Framing the American Dream project and the data that was collected during the framing study. It then provides specific data on the roof framing comparison between the two framing methods.

The key is to get this video into the hands of the customer you’re targeting and you can do this in one of two ways.  One, you can use the embed codes to place this video on your company website and share the url with your customer, or two, you can stream the video through this website and show it to them in person on a computer, tablet or other mobile device.

While the video provides a great kick start to the conversation, there are other tools at your disposal that can help as well.  With each video, there is a corresponding one-page brochure.  The brochure, “Roof Truss Data for Builders,” is intended to be a companion to the video, and can be used in a couple of different ways. You can either print it out, use it as talking points to follow up on the points raised in the video and then leave it behind after the discussion, or you can post the brochure on your company website and share the url with your customer.

The brochure has a blank area in the upper left corner that can be customized with your company’s information using the graphic block created by SBCA staff when you subscribed to the Toolbox. The image will be automatically incorporated into the brochure every time someone downloads it.

Another tool that can help you during your discussion with a customer is the PowerPoint presentation, “Roof Labor.” This slide deck provides more information about the Framing the American Dream project, as well as more in-depth information about what was learned when comparing the two roof framing methods. These slides can be downloaded and customized in any way you choose.

If you embed the video and the brochure on your website, one effective way to draw attention to them is to launch a social media campaign. Sample campaigns under “Sell More Roof Trusses to Builders” have been created to take the guesswork out of social media, and can be used in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Simply download the pre-formatted images and then copy and customize the text to meet your approach.

For more helpful tips, see the other Guidance Documents.

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Framing the American Dream: Roof Truss Data for Builders
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