The Importance of an Effective Social Media Presence

When used effectively, social media is a great marketing tool that can help drive leads to your sales team, brand your company as a credible thought leader in the industry, improve your company culture, and entice job seekers. So why have a social media presence when you already have a website?

Social media is the largest free marketing tool at your company’s fingertips. A study by Pew Research Center shows that 72 percent of American adults have a social media account. This means that a small investment of time in this important marketing tool will elevate your brand awareness. Consider a few important areas in which you can experience a return on the time invested in posting all of the great things your company is already doing:

Sales Leads

Other businesses and potential customers cannot partner with you or buy your products if they don’t know you exist. Almost three quarters of the population have a social media profile. Getting your brand in front of individuals who may work for general contractors, framers, or builders – as well as homeowners themselves – will give your company a boost in exposure. Social media can be used to entice current customers with new products or ideas and funnel new customers to your website where they can get a quote or request more information.

Employee Relations

Celebrating employees on social media will improve your employee relations and company culture. By publicly recognizing individual employees and/or departments you are showing your employees that you value them and want others to know about their success. Sharing celebrations through social media allows employees’ friends, family, and other colleagues the chance to give praise as well. Happy employees who feel valued are more likely to be invested in their jobs and the quality of their work, which means greater success for the company.

Workforce Development

2019’s Job Seeker Nation Survey reports that 35 percent of people have learned about a job opening through social media, and 41 percent of the younger respondents said they are likely to search for jobs on social media. While the top two ways to search for jobs are still online job boards and employer career sites, sharing links and photos to promote these openings through social media will only increase the number of eyes seeing these job openings.  

“Social media has become a huge focus for us at California TrusFrame over the last few years. I see social media as an awesome opportunity to get our company out there for all to see. We use all forms of social media to focus on introducing new products, informing new potential customers of what CTF can do for them, employee and customer appreciation projects and announcements, workforce development, and general promotion of our company and the friendly working environment one will find at CTF. I see social media as a vital part of doing business in 2020 and beyond!” - Steve Stroder, CEO, California TrusFrame

Don’t have a social media account?

Here are the recommended options and how to create an account on each platform:

Expert Tip: If you have more than one social media platform, try using a third party social media management system. These systems allow you to post to all of your social media accounts at the same time and even schedule posts for the entire week or month: HootsuiteLoomly, and Buffer.

Considerations for Building an Effective Social Media Presence

Stay on Brand

This can be achieved by using your company’s logo as your company’s profile picture. It also a good idea to put your company logo on any pictures generated by your company. The more people see it the more familiar they become with it.

Proofread Posts

While this seems obvious, it is important to mention. Proof reading post will ensure that you company is being represented in an intelligent and intentional way.

Focus Your Content

In order to become a thought leader in the industry and for purposes of consistency it is important that your company’s profile sticks to topics that are company and/or industry related.

Post Frequently

Posting once a month or less will not entice customers, employees, and others in the industry to follow your company on social media. Posting 3-5 times a week about a variety of topics is a good frequency.

Limit Administrative Access

It is important to limit the number of employees who have administrative access to the company’s social media accounts (i.e., they are able to post on behalf of the company). It is also important that the employees who do have access follow a clear set of guidelines as to what should and should not be posted on the company’s social media profiles. (Note: If an employee who has access to your company’s social media account is fired and/or quits, it is very important to change the password to all social media accounts immediately.)

“As we amp up our marketing and communication efforts, we are encouraging our customers, potential customers, suppliers, and employees to join us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. The key is having a compelling story to tell as an industry thought leader, brand leader and trusted resource. As a true B2B (business to business) company, it’s not critical to have large masses of followers, particularly consumers. The key is solid messaging and a core, steady audience you are trying to reach.” – Michael Loughery, Courage Communications and Designs (consultant for Trussway)

What Component Manufacturers Should Be Posting & Why:

Products & Projects

Sharing photos of jobs you have delivered or have packaged for delivery can go a long way. Try tagging your customer and thanking them for their business. You can also tag your sales representative who sold the job and give them some kudos. Maybe even tag the design team that worked on it and the builder. The more people you include in your post, the more it emphasizes the sense of teamwork, making those you tag more likely to share your post and gaining more exposure for your company. You are already taking these photos to ensure your product was built correctly, and again at the jobsite to ensure it was delivered safely. Put those pictures to use!

Employee Celebrations

Celebrating your employees builds a positive company culture and lets potential employees know they will be valued.

Customer Testimonials

Posting a video or written testimonial from a customer entices new customers, makes your current employees feel good about their performance, and shows potential employees your company is values quality and cares about what they do.

Job Openings

Thirty-five percent of people have learned about a job through social media and 72 percent of people have a social media account. Post your job openings on social media and ask your current employees to like and share these posts to increase the chance of job seekers seeing them.

Employee Messages

Although this should not be your only source of communicating with your employees, it is a good idea to post announcements on your social media platforms when appropriate. Since most people already utilize social media, this is just one more reminder or place for them to see it. ***Please note: Due to social media posts being available to the general public it is important to only post material appropriate for people outside your organization to see.

Community Outreach/Charitable Causes

Three-quarters of respondents in 2019’s Job Seeker Nation Survey consider it important to work for a company that supports charitable causes or gives back to the community.

Holiday Celebrations

Wishing your employees and customers a happy holiday via social media shows them you care.


If you are rolling out a new product, service, or initiative in your company, this is a good way to let your customers, employees, and potential employees know what’s coming, where to find more information, or how to get involved.

Messages from Company Leadership

Anytime an executive shares a message with employees or customers, it is powerful. Posting these on social media keeps your employees, customers, and potential employees in the know and allows them to hear straight from the source.

Newsletter and/or Blog

Posting a link any time your online newsletter or blog is updated keeps your followers updated on your business.

Customer/Supplier Celebrations

Thanking your customers and suppliers makes them feel valued. This can be done by showcasing a specific project or problem they helped you solve, or it can be a simple thank you.

Current Events

Speaking out in support of your employees and customers during times of turmoil goes a long way. Be sure to critically assess your messaging. Let your employees and customers know that you care about and value them without getting political.

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