Best Way to Frame Marketing Guide


Best Way to Frame is a website created by SBCA to help educate anyone in your market unfamiliar with the benefits of components. The website offers specific information for targeted groups about the unique attributes of and reasons to use trusses, panels, and subcomponents.

The marketing guide and downloadable files below are designed to help market the Best Way to Frame website.

Request a Company-Specific Link

To measure incoming traffic to the site through your marketing efforts, please request a company-specific link from SBCA staff to promote Best Way to Frame using the suggestions below. The link will be tied to your company as an extension to the URL (e.g., You will receive your company-specific link via email once it is set up. SBCA staff will provide updates each month on the incoming traffic from your company-specific link. 

Form to Request Your Company-Specific Link

Ways to Market Best Way to Frame

1. Business Cards

Add Best Way to Frame to the backside of your business cards. When handing out the business cards, show the backside of the card and direct them to the Best Way to Frame website.  Follow the step-by-step instructions in the Marketing Guide PDF to update the URL on the card to your company-specific link. 
Download Business Card PDF
Best Way to Frame Business Card

2. PowerPoint Slide

Add a slide to your PowerPoints to direct people to the Best Way to Frame website. You can use your PowerPoint template with the Best Way to Frame content or use the template provided.
Download PowerPoint Slide
PowerPoint slide example directing people to the Best Way to Frame website

3. Email Signature

Update your email signature to include a link to the Best Way to Frame website such as "Learn more about components at" Look in the Marketing Guide PDF for step-by-step instructions on how to update your email signature and link to your company-specific link.
Email signature with text learn more about components at!

4. Website Links

Add the Best Way to Frame logo to your website and link to Best Way to Frame using your company-specific link. Choose from a few different logos to choose the logo that works best with your website layout. Note the white logos do not have a background (.png file).
Download Black Horizontal Logo
Download Black Stacked Logo
Download White Horizontal Logo
Download White Stacked Logo

Horizontal Black LogoHorizontal white Best Way to Frame logo

5. Social Media

Post on your social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) the content below and link to your company-specific link. If the post doesn't automatically include a screen shot of the website, add the screen shot below to your post or use one of the logos above. You may use a variation of these posts, just make sure to include your company-specific link. 
Download Screen Shot

Learn more about structural building components on #bestwaytoframe
Make your framing crews more efficient. Go to #bestwaytoframe

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The Structural Building Components Association (SBCA) recently launched a new website that explains components and why they are the Best Way to Frame. Visit the website to learn more at

Screen shot of the Best Way to Frame website

Download the Marketing Guide PDF


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