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Market your commitment to excellence and streamline certification requirements with SCORE packages.

A SCORE certification can help you in many areas of your business. It can help you protect your company, it can save you money on SBCA programs, it can help with team building, and it can give you effective tools to demonstrate and market your company's commitment to excellence. If you're purchasing Truss Technician Training (TTT), In-Plant Quality Control (QC), or Jobsite Packages, consider a SCORE package instead - you'll add a few items to your order for little or no cost, and you'll send a strong message to your staff and your customers about your commitment to quality and building your company brand.

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SCORE Package Options:

  • Certification Program: SBCA Membership, Truss Technician Training (TTT), and In-Plant Wood Truss QC
  • Best Practice Program: SBCA Membership, Truss Technician Training and re-certification, In-Plant Wood Truss QC, Operation Safety, In-Plant Basic Training, Truss Manufacturing Orientation, ORisk

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Benefits of SCORE

Protection: SCORE can serve as a way to protect your company and its assets. By nature, it is an effective risk management tool because SCORE certification demonstrates that you're following industry-developed best practices.

Significant Savings: When you purchase a SCORE program package subscription, your company receives immediate and significant savings on key SBCA programs.

Improve Culture: SCORE can serve as an opportunity to build a productive and efficient company culture, as well as improve team building. Involving everyone in your company is a way for people to feel invested in the company and its commitment to excellence - and reaching certification faster will be a natural side effect of this.

Showcase Excellence: One reason SCORE was created was to provide members with a new way to market themselves to customers and increase their marketplace presence. Part of this is providing members with tools they can use. For that reason, SBCA offers several tangible marketing tools that certified members can use to spread word of their distinction.

Two SCORE Designations are Available to Participants:

The plant is a member in good standing and has a year to work toward SCORE certification, and has purchased one of the packages OR has purchased the following individually:

  • Access to TTT for all truss designers.
  • Access to SBCA’s online QC program.
  • Jobsite Packages, which are sent with every truss delivery.

The plant is a member in good standing and is compliant with all items below:

  • Continuing Education: Plant fulfills ongoing TTT requirements, which can include SBCA workshops and webinars, BCMC, SBCA online training programs and other SBCA-approved programs that provide value to CMs.
  • Jobsite Package: Plant purchases and sends with every truss delivery.
  • Plant Tour: Plant hosts one plant tour or similar event per year.
  • QC Certification: Plant is SBCA QC certified and continues to submit quarterly data files for SBCA review.
  • Safety Certification: Plant meets safety program requirements, either with SBCA Operation Safety or a program reviewed and approved by SBCA staff.
  • TTT Certification: Average TTT level for CM designers at a location must be 1.5 or higher.

For more information, check out the SCORE Program Overview.

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Learn More About SCORE
Learn More About SCORE
Learn More About SCORE
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