Member Benefits

Advocacy & Decision-Making

When you join SBCA, you become part of a national organization that monitors changes to the legislative and regulatory environment; changes that can have sweeping effects on your companies’ operations and bottom line. Membership in SBCA provides your company with a national network of individual advocates, as well as experienced staff who collectively research, organize, and advocate for the use of structural building components while acting to influence policy as it is being developed by local, state, and federal agencies and elected bodies. LEARN MORE >

Education & Training Programs

SBCA offers a wide-variety of educational opportunities for everyone in the industry. Members have access to trainings, webinars, and information that is invaluable as they train and produce effective employees, spurs innovative ideas, and helps your company solve issues as they may arise. SBCA members also have access to a wide-variety of speakers and discussions as part of the association’s weekly Tuesday webinar series, Business Solutions Groups, BCMC, Open Quarterly Meetings, and much more  LEARN MORE >

Innovation & Testing

Membership in SBCA allows you to stay abreast of industry advances and benefit from your industry peers from across the country. Be part of the association’s regular events that inspire component manufacturers and leads them to new ideas. Take part in SBCA’s state-of-the-art accredited testing facility, the Structural Building Components Research Institute, as it analyzes the performance of structural building components in full-system tests under real-world conditions.  LEARN MORE >


As a member of SBCA, you and your company can help bring ideas to the table that help others understand the many benefits of using structural building components. Membership also gives you access to tools and resources that you can use to educate your market and gain market share. The CM Toolbox includes videos, customizable brochures, infographics, guidance documents, and much more that provide a customized approach to promoting your products in your market. Your membership also helps SBCA maintain and bolster the Best Way to Frame website to ensure everyone fully understands the many benefits of using structural building components.  LEARN MORE >

Industry Knowledge

SBCA offers many tools to help component manufacturers measure, improve and grow their business. SBCA conducts confidential Financial Performance and Wage Surveys for Component Manufacturer (CM) members through an Independent CPA consultant. The surveys track financial, wage, operations and industry trends, giving CMs an opportunity to measure their company benchmarks against other companies in the industry.

Financial Performance Survey
The Financial Performance Survey (FPS) provides financial and operating information presented in an income statement format, along with key data for use in evaluating your company’s sales and benchmarks. FPS industry information includes income analysis, Regional and company size breakdown and key ratios for benchmarking purposes.

Industry Climate Survey
The survey gauges component manufacturer members’ key business concerns and expectations for growth in the upcoming year.

Wage & Benefit Survey
The Wage and Benefit Survey is a biennial survey that collects data on SBCA Component Manufacturer Regular Members' personnel Compensation and benefits. The Wage & Benefit Survey compiles industry information on a variety of areas such as wages, vacation/personal/holiday pay, insurance, retirement plans and time policies.



SBCA Publications offers a wide variety of information and materials for your company to purchase and use whether you are trying to educate yourself, your employees, customers, or your market. Membership in SBCA eventually pays for itself, as your company can receive discounts on your publication orders. LEARN MORE >


Local Chapter Meetings
Join other SBCA members in your state, or region, to network, share ideas, and help solve issues impacting the structural building component industry.  

Open Quarterly Meetings
The goal of each Open Quarterly Meeting (OQM) is to bring component manufacturers (CMs) and suppliers together to discuss the latest issues facing the components industry. Besides BCMC, OQMs are one of the most valuable investments CMs can make.

Building Component Manufacturers Conference
The Building Component Manufacturers Conference (BCMC) has become a trusted venue for structural building component manufacturers to learn about the latest ideas, products and trends throughout their entire supply chain. The annual tradeshow includes a dynamic exhibit floor with machinery demonstrations, educational opportunities and the chance to enjoy the camaraderie of an industry that spans generations. Non-members who qualify as a Component Manufacturer Member and submit a completed membership application and applicable dues along with their BCMC registration form may deduct the first registration fee - a $195 savings.