SBCA Approved Insurance Broker Partner Program Requirements

SBCA has established an Approved Broker Program to a select group of insurance brokers who have experience and qualifications in providing insurance to companies that manufacture structural building components (trusses, wall panels and related components). If you are a broker interested in being part of this program, please review the program requirements below and complete the application.

Broker Program Requirements

Maintain professional membership status with SBCA.

At a minimum, offer insurance agent or broker services for the following lines of insurance coverage: Commercial Property, Commercial General Liability, Automobile Liability, Excess/Umbrella coverage, and Workers’ Compensation.

Serve as the insurance agent or broker for one or more component manufacturers where the aggregate annual sales of such manufacturers totals no less than $25 million.

Attend at least one SBCA Open Quarterly meeting and one SBCA chapter meeting each calendar year.

Work cooperatively with SBCA to:

  • Develop communications, relationships and alliances as between SBCA and insurance carriers;
  • Identify and align with component manufacturers, industry experienced claims attorneys, and expert witnesses;
  • Assist SBCA in developing an anonymous and confidential database of industry claims and case studies;
  • Use best efforts as may be permitted by an individual broker’s relationship or agreement with its component manufacturer clients, to provide industry claims history and account loss information, on a confidential basis;
  • Promote SBCA Operation Safety Certification, Truss Technician Training and Certification programs, SBCA In-Plant QC Plant Certification program, and the use of SBCA’s handling, installation, and bracing information in the component manufacturer’s jobsite delivery packages;
  • Promote SBCA membership to component manufacturers who are not members;
  • Assist in developing SBCA online risk management training, best practices, and certification programs;
  • Assist in developing SBCA online safety training and certification programs;
  • Participate in an educational overview webinar with Kent Pagel, counsel for SBCA; and become familiar with the following SBCA training programs and documents related to risk management and liability avoidance: SBCA In-Plant QC ProgramSBCA Truss Technician Training, SBCA Operation Safety, SBCA Building Component Safety Information (BCSI), and the SBCA Jobsite Package and related B-series documents.

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